Products & Services

The main services offered are: 

  • Customer Feedback
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Staff Feedback
  • Workplace Observation

Each of these, in different ways, can provide organisations with information to improve business efficiency. The components are provided on a menu basis, with businesses able to select the components they need, with components being easily and cost effectively added in the future. 

In some instances the most effective programme will involve more than one component and Optimum Business Intelligence will tailor programmes to a client’s business objectives and circumstances. Many programmes will evolve over time as change initiatives and improvements are delivered within the organisation.


How are immediate actionable results achieved?

Optimum Business Intelligence uses its state of the art electronic data capture and feedback system, Optimum Meridian, to manage the results of data collection in real time, enabling management to take rapid actions to leverage the data and analysis.

Optimum Business Intelligence has a pedigree born out of the development of effective Customer Contact Programmes and Sales Processes.

Services are specifically tailored to deliver meaningful and actionable data that enables an organisation to optimise the contact it has with customers (and staff) with realisable “bottom line” benefits. 

Optimum Meridian can accept data from any channel (eg telephone, web, tablet). Once data is captured, the information is transmitted to the Optimum Meridian secure server where it is processed. 



How are results delivered?

Results are delivered real-time in our flexible reporting suite - all reports  are accessed under secure password control using an internet connection. All that is needed is a web browser and access to the internet or company intranet.

The comprehensive reporting capability includes:

Drill down capability - using powerful tools facilities that allow an organisation to investigate, at various levels within the business, specific issues that have been identified.  

Analysis tools - a range of tools eg to enable overlay of related data to establish correlation and potential causality.

Automated actions - built into the real-time system to enable specific data to be pushed to specified managers e.g. email alert to managers with metrics that indicate underperformance; sales promotion initiated for customers with repeat characteristics etc.

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